About the Band

Born in the oil change bay of a Chevron gas station in 1982, The Fuel Brothers gained notoriety as a homegrown blues rock band playing music festivals throughout Kentucky, Indiana, southern Ohio and parts of Illinois. The band was known for such regional radio hits as “Fuel Man” and “C-Store Rock.” After a decade of touring, the band broke up in the early 90s following the tragic loss of their bass player in a bizarre accident. Now, more than 20 years later and back by popular demand, The Fuel Brothers are reuniting for one night only to perform in southern Indiana on September 14th.


Lead Singer, Frontman

Despite his shy demeanor off stage, Rex is an energetic frontman who lends his vocal talents as the lead singer of The Fuel Brothers. Rex formed the band with his brother Tom as teenagers growing up in rural Madison County. While working at the family gas station, Rex enjoyed writing songs about the fuels that keep America moving. The Fuel Brothers gives Rex a creative outlet where he can bring his unique style to the blues that he loves so much.


Harp, Backup Vocals

A native of Texas, Tank learned to play the harp while working as a shop welder in Austin. When his family moved to Owensboro, Tank met up with the band at a concert outside of Paducah. Always a wildcard, Tank jumped on stage during their performance and joined right in. The band liked his sound so much they asked him to join up that night and he toured with them from that point forward.


Lead Guitar

Tom spent his early years teaching himself to play guitar while he pumped gas in Waco, KY with his brother, Rex. Now a master musician, Tom is just as comfortable on mandolin and banjo as he is on his signature Gibson Les Paul electric. As lead guitar, Tom was instrumental in developing the band’s sound, and he insisted on staying true to his blues roots even though he occasionally dabbles in bluegrass.


Bass Guitar

Chaz’s father, Hubie was the band’s original bass player. During a county fair performance in 1992, Hubie was suddenly and tragically killed in a bizarre pyrotechnic explosion. Chaz vowed to keep his father’s memory alive and plays the blues every night in his honor. He joins The Fuels Brothers for this reunion performance as the replacement bass player and newest band member.



Stretch began playing drums in garage bands as a teenager in Louisville. He was drawn to rhythm and blues early on and joined The Fuel Brothers as one of the band’s original members. As the rhythmic backbone of the band, and the driving force behind this reunion performance (largely because his wife wants him out of the garage), Stretch is ready to keep the beat with his brothers in blues once again.